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Kendal College

2009- 2011

Examples of responses to Briefs on the Foundation Degree Drawing

Brief - Blind Spot

The Secrets of The Wood                          


There is a small wood on a low hill by the M6, just north of Lancaster

and driving south, on a late winters afternoon, if lucky and the skies are clear, the trees will be seen in all their beauty; like lace patterns, the dark forms cross and overlap against the light of the sky.


Sometimes, we are too busy in life, passing by at speed, to notice things- our blind spots.  If only we had time to stop and look…..


Using printing techniques on paper and Perspex, Karen has created images to capture the experience of that journey down the M6 and allow a glimpse into the private world of that wood.

Kendal College

Cabinets of Wonder

A project in response to the collections at Kendal Museum, in particular the large taxidermy collection there. The installation consisted of 3 separate furniture pieces housing collections and referencing storing, categorising and labelling .


The work acknowledged the early Museum know as a Cabinet of Curiosities and consisted of prints from etched plates, and some drypoint